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John Breen john.breen at unitedconstruction.com.au
Mon May 31 13:55:47 WST 1999

I would assume, as Bret has already said that you use some sort of IP
firewall and gateway?  I seem to remember somewhere along the line that
it is possible to log things going out through firewalls to certain IP
addresses or using certain ports.  I know they can be blocked for
certain users, but not knowing the users, and since they're on port 80
(I assume), that might make life difficult.  perhaps you can stop anyone
connecting to hotmail though - I think you can do that too.

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> At a school I support we have a problem.  One or two students are
> behaving
> in as "inappropriate" manner by sending forged email and I want to
> find
> out who they are.
> They use Netscape and Hotmail to send messages so outgoing mail can
> not be
> monitored directly.  I suspect that Netscape encripts mail which will
> make
> the job almost impossible short of having a trojan at the desktop.  Is
> this correct?  If, not any ideas on how to capture text on its way
> out?
> Kernel 2.2.9.
> Lindsay
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