[plug] Arguments in favour?

Leon Brooks leon at brooks.smileys.net
Mon May 31 21:56:31 WST 1999

Tom Atkinson wrote:
> Well now, for starters, what is the problem with children seeing
> pornographic material anyway?

> What effect is it supposed to have on them?

> Up to a certain age, it would be meaningless; beyond about 15 they would
> be knowledgable of sex and about to begin partaking.  During another,
> earlier period, it would probably be more educational than anything
> else!

> Could somebody please enlighten me?

Children aren't shown pornography for much the same reason that they
aren't allowed to drive until they're 17: the results are almost
inevitably destructive and painful. Drivers licences are easier to
restrain and monitor than hormones.

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