[plug] Twelve Monkeys and the Fine Art of Censorship

Leon Brooks leon at brooks.smileys.net
Mon May 31 22:00:17 WST 1999

Mike Holland wrote:
> AOL went to the government saying that filtering was easy, and every
> parent should buy AOLs filtering software. They gave a nice demo.

AOL are a bunch of assholes and should be shot.

> The pollies took this to mean that filtering could also be done easily
> upstream. It has been suggested that this was a big factor.

I suppose the pollies could also decide what was a flu virus and what
was a "twelve-monkeys" genocide special, based on a simple staged demo,
and/or the appearence of the thing?

I bet AOL's tune would change if they were fined, say, twenty grand for
each porno image that slipped through their precious filter.

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