[plug] Apache non-ip virtual hosting

Jeremy Malcolm Jeremy at Malcolm.wattle.id.au
Mon May 31 20:11:03 WST 1999


> Using sendmail for the job.  I never did figure out smail's config.

With smail multiple domains aliases are easy to do but pop mailboxes
are harder: the reference already given to
/usr/doc/smail/README.multihomed.gz only tells you how to do it with
aliases.  I have also written a CGI script which allows you to modify
the smail virtual domain aliases over the Web.  You can find the
script on my personal Web site (below).  It is a bit insecure though
because it requires the aliases files to be writable by "nobody" user.
 I am working on a replacement using PostgreSQL to store the aliases,
which writes them out to the aliases file once a day from a cron job
run by the "mail" user.

PS. There was a typo in my earlier message about which version of
Netscape supports HTTP 1.1 - version 2.0 and above of Netscape support
it.  However version 2.0 of MSIE does not.  Over 90% of browsers
should be OK including all recent versions of Lynx.

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