[plug] Console mode ICQ on Sparc IPC

Scott, Simon Simon.Scott at SEALCORP.com.au
Mon Apr 10 14:05:12 WST 2000

There are a few command line versions of ICQ for linux available. I dont see
why they wouldnt compile under other architectures. 



There are a few others too

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Do we have any users on ICQ under Linux that could offer
gidence as to what is acually required to make it work.

I have poked around a bit and found a web.icq.com with lots
of support for Windblows and other systems, Linux was listed
but I failed to understand what my system requirments are.

The system here is only a sparc IPC, 25MHx CPU, text only
and getting low on disk space. Debian Slink.


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