[plug] Plug for PLUG for Hardware Manuf

Brad Campbell brad at seme.com.au
Wed Apr 12 16:53:39 WST 2000

G'day all, 
may be of interest, maybe not.
I needed a linux compatible multi-port serial board in a hurry,
Grabbed a "Generic" 4 port card from a local supplier thinking
I could just hack a driver for it if one did not exist..


Not only do they support linux, but they supply step-by-step
instructions in thier manuals for setting thier cards up.
Using generic setserial for the isa cards, and exactly
what to add to the kernel source for the pci cards..

all worked first go, and thier cards are CHEAP..
Have been using them under dos and win 3.11 for about 5 years
and had no reliability problems, except when directly hit
by lightning..

"The ultimate result is that some innovations that would
truly benefit consumers never occur for the sole reason
that they do not conincide with Microsoft's self-interest"
- Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson
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