[plug] Linux Ghost alternative?

David Griffiths griffith at environ.wa.gov.au
Thu Apr 13 11:44:15 WST 2000

>Does anyone know if there's any apps similar to Ghost, but free (for
>non-profit use at least), and preferrably Linux based?
>ie; Something to back up and restore partitions (incl Windoze), preferrably
>with compression.
>. Trevor Phillips             -           http://jurai.murdoch.edu.au/ .

I've used Toms RTB (single floppy dist) it's standard tools (tar and ...
umm I think it was ftp?)  to back up data on a dodgy Win 95 install to a
linux box. Worked well.

I've heard of people installing linux with win95 (dual boot) at remote
locations without tech people - when windows dies they just log in via
modem to linux and roll out the clean windows tarball.

Nick said..
>On another tack, I don't quite understand how to make a bootable DOS/Win95
>partition from scratch, unfortunately - should it be as simple as
>"mkdosfs" and copying io.sys, msdos.sys and command.com to the partition?

It would be pretty straight forward to write an expect script talking to
fdisk I imagine for the partitioning bit (sizing, marking bootable and
partition type). trouble is expect with tcl is big - would need to get to
it via NFS or something.

There was an article in one of the earlier Linux Journals I think about a
big organisation bulk loading NT onto hundreds of PC's using linux



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