[plug] Backup of a disk

Matt Kemner zombie at wasp.net.au
Fri Apr 14 09:27:24 WST 2000

On Fri, 14 Apr 2000, Scott, Simon wrote:

> Whats the easiest way to retain the /dev entries? I was thinking about this
> last night, about how funny it would be to tar /dev, and the problems that
> would occur when you hit /dev/zero or /dev/random :) Is there anyway to
> 'backup' the special device files?

Tar will copy them as device files, so there is no problem there.
> Also, is it true 2.4 will do away with /dev, which will be replaced by a
> filesystem like /proc which will be maintained by the kernel depending on
> what devices you have?

If you choose to, yes. It's called devfs.
If you prefer, you can stick with the old method.

 - Matt

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