[plug] Non Magic or Linux question

Peter Crystal darke at indigo.net.au
Sat Apr 15 22:09:15 WST 2000

On Sat, Apr 15, 2000 at 09:27:19PM +0800, Robert Andrews wrote:
> Hi all I have a small prob that someone may have the answer to
> files on my comp Win98
> that end in *.ICO have somehow been associated to always open with
> HalfLife
> I need to know what program is normally used to open a ICO file I know
> the codeing is embedded in the ICO to tell it what program to open but
> there must be another program to read and execute the ICO script or
> whatever.

ICO files are just simple bitmaps. 

the ICO gets associated with a 'link' to another program. More or less
what Micro$oft call a 'short cut'.

If you want to edit these icons, install imagemagick and convert it
from .ico format to something useful like PNG

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