[plug] winrunner.dll - Problem Solved!

Mark Bailey mbailey at ois.com.au
Sat Apr 22 07:24:44 WST 2000

Just to let anyone know in case they
come up against a similar problem.

A complete reinstall later.....

In the /home/<user>/etc/MAGIC.INI file
make sure you don't accidentally turn on


Make sure it is set to N

Mark Bailey

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Does anyone know anything about a file called

I have a database app running on a Redhat box which
all of a sudden started to give me an abnormal termination
error saying it can't find winrunner.dll.

Problem is I am not sure if winrunner.dll is part of my
database development environment or part of Linux. I would
imagine it is the former but I'm not sure.

If it IS a Linux file (again, I think it unlikely) then where
is it supposed to reside and what is the easiest way to reinstate

Mark Bailey.

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