[plug] How to use tar/gtar to extract individual files

stephen steve at newton.dialix.com.au
Mon Apr 24 00:09:52 WST 2000

Try this i just checked it - it works fine

extract whatever individual ones you want with

tar -xf  mybackup.tar  myfile

or get a few at once ie

tar -xf  mybackup.tar  myfile myfile2 ....

Another way you may do it
list your files with
tar -tf mybackup.tar
then try
tar -tf mybackup.tar | grep myfile > tempfile
filters out the filenames you want to extract with grep and puts the
filenames in tempfile
tar -T tempfile -xf mybackup.tar

will extract the equivlent of myfile*
from the archive.

Mabey someone should write some decent man Pages -
I sure would have saved some time learning this stuff with a few
decent examples on the man pages.

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