POP, was RE: [plug] SendMail

Mike Holland myk at golden.wattle.id.au
Wed Apr 26 10:10:53 WST 2000

> > Okay hi all i seem to have send mail working i can send email to my
> > linux box users remotely but how do i read email remotely via
> nestscape

'Sendmail' does sending, via SMTP. To collect mail is very different.
You need a POP server. See 'pop3d'.

> > or outlook


> There is nothing "tricky" about what you are trying to do, you simply
> put into the Netscape/Outlook preferences the POP3/IMAP server name
> where your mail spool resides and Bob's your uncle.  The only gotcha

He probably needs to install & enable the server first.

Mike Holland  <mike at golden.wattle.id.au>

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