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U can easily o/c celerons on the Abit BP6 (look at www.bp6.com for specs)
has cool features like fsb adjustable in 1mhz increments and etc) it is
designed especially for the celeron PPGA processors and even has UDMA 66.
They're also cheaper than Dual Slot 1 boards at around $260ish.  I havent
had any complaints with mine in Linux or winblows


Im going to attempt to upgrade my PII-266(o/c 300) linux box... Im looking
at a dual celeron (366) overclocked arrangement... however Im reading that
most converters dont support dual processor boards.... and you need these
special converters to hack around the celerons' anti-dualness...

Does anybody have any experience in overclocking these suckers? Which
MB/converter would be best?

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