[plug] Application program updates.

Anthony J. Breeds-Taurima tony at cantech.net.au
Thu Apr 27 09:19:45 WST 2000

On Wed, 26 Apr 2000 lenbird at iinet.net.au wrote:

> I keep abreast of Linux updates in Linuxberg inter alia.  Many of these
> updates of existing
> programs are available in RPM format which oghtg to work for both RH and
> Mandrake,


> Anyone got any ideas, my thanks if you have and be kind enough to advise.

Firstly You don't need to remove a package before updating it.  from the
command line sinmply use rpm -U [filename].rpm  this will handle the remove
for you.  There should be an option on GNOrpm to Upgrade automagically.

Secondly: fetchmail and fetchmailconf are seperate rpms.  you nee to remove
fetchmailconf witha command line like rpm -e fetchmailconf.


Yours Tony.

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