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Any idea of how to identify a bad board????

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4.31 How many times can you re-use CD-RW before they become faulty? 
Good question. 
(Linux CD-Writing HOWTO,

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Matt Kemner wrote:
> The BP6 would have been your best bet on both counts - you don't need
> adapters, because the celerons plug straight into the board, and the board
> is pre-hacked to allow SMP.. However, last I heard the BP6 has been
> recalled, because of a problem with the last batch.. All the wholesalers I
> spoke to said there was a rumour of a new Abit Dual Celeron board in the
> pipeline.

D'OH!!! This would explain why the two hard-to-get BP6 MB's I got recently
had problems...

Wonder what I should do:
  - Go with a Slotket solution
  - Wait for the new board
  - Return the CPU's too and settle for something boring (single Athlon

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