[plug] File system IDs

Mike Holland myk at golden.wattle.id.au
Thu Apr 27 16:36:12 WST 2000

On Wed, 26 Apr 2000 lenbird at iinet.net.au wrote:

> Why do I receive two copies of your Plug list messages Mike?

Looking ... it looks like you set a Reply-To: in your header, so you
get an extra copy as well as the plug copy. This issue has been discussed
on the list, so its in the archives if you're interested.

> I got a straightforward respose from Damion Hill about my query,  The main
> problem with an"is that it is necessary to know the answer before asking
> the question!!!   I had a look at man under file systems but drew a blank. 

Well, I started to answer, but then realised i had probably guessed wrong
at your meaning. I was going to say they both had the same ID in the
partition table. (ie 7)
  So it _is_ for mount?  Maybe you use some GUI admin
tool and didn't realiser it used the mount command and /etc/fstab ?

The correct answers are 'hpfs' and 'ntfs', according to my man pages.

> I wanted to know the precise syntax to use in FSTAB
> in order to get into hpfs and ntfs partitions, and I still have been unable
> to get this to work.

I have:

/dev/hda7   /nt     ntfs    ro,noexec,umask=002,gid=33  0 0

> Please appreciate that although FAT 16 and FAT 32 are the correct
> designations for the file
> systems which they represent, Linux requires these to be identified as

I'm not clear here. What does "correct designations" mean?
'vfat' is a driver which understands
the long-filename conventions. fat16/32 is a lower-level concept, relevant
to formatting.

> The installation routine will suffice to tell you this, but since

Which installation routine ? That isnt a standard thing in linux.

> ntfs and hpfs are areas shunned by the partisans
> of Linux the information on these is sketchy at best.
>  I have edited my FSTAB so that the /dev/hda8 line is the same as for VFAT
> but have 
> substituted ntfs where vfat would be otherwise used---it does not work--for
> me anyhow.

It would really help if you actually quoted the fstab entry and error

> I wrote you an expansion on other problems that you responded to and asked
> for more detail.
> So far I have not heard further from you. Perhaps you forgot----grin.

Maybe someone else responded first, or I still didnt have a clue. Sorry.

But show us the config and error messages, so we know exactly what you are
trying to do. It might be obvious then.
 Now i can only guess, e.g. Do you have the appropriate modules installed?

Mike Holland  <mike at golden.wattle.id.au>

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