[plug] Redhat 6.0 and HTP366 UDMA66 controller

Ian Kent ian.kent at pobox.com
Sat Apr 29 19:49:45 WST 2000

At 08:34 PM 28-04-00 +0800, Brent Varischetti wrote:

>I have a ABit BP6 motherboard, and I want to install Redhat 6.0 on a drive 
>connected to the onboard HTP366 controller. I've been told to use "linux 
>ide2=0xd000,0xd402 ide3=0xde000,0xe002" at the "boot:" prompt after 
>booting from a CD, but when I try this it says "unknown command 
>ide2=0xd000,0xd402 ide3=0xde000,0xe002" before entering the install screen.
>Any help would be good, thanks.

I have a BE6 with the HotRod card and have recently done an install of 
Mandrake 7.0 and attempted an install of Redhat 6.2. The Redhat install 
would hang during package install. Maybe the kernel version was not to 
good, I don't know. Anyway Mandrake 7.0 went on like a charm.

The instructions you have are partly right. Those addresses are suspect, 
since they can be different for each card or controller.  Maybe the 
motherboard controller is always the same, I can't say. I assume the 
ide3=0xde000 is a typing error and should be 0xe000.

The addresses I used for my card are 0xd800, 0xdc05  and 0xe400, 0xe805. I 
found out what they where by using the Windows control panel (see the 
mini-HOWTO below for a discussion about this). Also, using "ide2=..." at 
boot does not use the performance potential of UDMA/66, you need to patch 
and compile the kernel  separately to get that.

There an excellent mini-HOTWO (that's not so mini) located at 

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