[plug] Shameless plug <sigh> 60KVA UPS

Mike from West Australia erazmus at wantree.com.au
Sun Apr 30 00:43:24 WST 2000

At 10:54 PM 29/4/2000 +0800, you wrote:
>Mike from West Australia wrote:
>> Unit made by Fiskars, serviced nationally by Holec Pty Ltd, UPS
>> size of chest freezer, battery cabinet size of diahatsu sharade.
>Probably weighs as much as a Charade, too, even without batteries. With
>batteries, probably as much as a Land Cruiser. (-:

PS: Sharade above should have been charade <hrrm>, but then I suppose
linux users don't drive a charade - wonder what the stats/correlation
is on the sorts of cars linux interested parties drive... ~`:

Any professional install takes account of weight, its not that much,
most office buildings built within the last 20 years can handle it
if they can handle a water bed. A medium sized water bed contains
about 1000 to 1500 litres of water - thats 1 to 1.5 tonnes !

>What's it's standby draw? Is it 3-phase in? Will it do single-phase out?

Standby draw (max) is 700W, Three phase in, three phase out or three
lots of single phase out. Its actually 3 x 20KVA inverters phased together
in the one cabinet with genset interface, pre-emptive warning, serial IO
etc etc. Batteries can be some distance from the UPS - it all depends...

Its the model UPS-9600 top of the line unit full on-line UPS, no (zero)
changeover time, 150% overload rated with automatic bypass on excessive
overloads. Handles all types of mains failure, common mode noise, overvolts,
undervolts, brownouts, blackouts - and maintains a steady output continuously.



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