[plug] Shameless plug <sigh> 60KVA UPS

Mike from West Australia erazmus at wantree.com.au
Sun Apr 30 13:08:17 WST 2000

At 10:10 AM 30/4/2000 +0800, you wrote:

>Is that 700W correct? It seems pretty low for a device with the other
>specs, and for the price.

Its about standard for a transformerless convertor.

>We have a Sola UPS 325/750, which, from memory, gives somewhere around
>600-700W draw. We run 3-4 computers including two monitors , off it.
>That UPS cost less than $1,000.

You are confusing input draw with power capacity.

>I would have thought, from the other specs, that the UPS for sale, would
>have a standby draw of around 700kWh.

Aye ? 700KW is 700,000 Watts for a 60KVA convertor - you are *way* off.

Standby draw is defined as the invertors cunsumption when batteries are at
charge and mains supply is at rated voltage.

In the event mains has failed, batteries are supplying load, efficiency at
point is 92% at full load. ie to Supply 60KVA, then battery consumption is
60,000/0.92 = 65217 Watts. Rather less then your 700KW figure !

Where do I send the bill for the engineering advice ;-) ?



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