[plug] Apache problem

Kenworthy Family billk at opera.iinet.net.au
Sun Jan 2 19:21:48 WST 2000

I had the same problem with perl scripts created in a windows environment
that generated html output.  Apache/Perl choked on the dos carriage returns
- I think the problem was not apache but perl under linux.  I manually
deleted them (cr) in a linux editor (one day i'll have to install dos2unix
or similar) and all was fine - make sure you get em all, as it only took one
to cause a problem!


Paul Wilson wrote:

> > > BTW, the message 'Premature end of script headers' -- does that also
> imply
> > > that the HTML may not be complete?  I'd been assuming that the mime
> header
> > > was somehow wrong.  Maybe I been too blinkered !!
> >
> > Are you sending a blank line after headers?
> >    printf("Content-type: text/html%c%c",LF,LF);
> Yup, certainly am.
> Paul

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