[plug] Need assistance changing network card.

David Buddrige buddrige at q-net.net.au
Mon Jan 3 13:34:43 WST 2000

Hi all,

I am running Redhat 6 at the moment and have been troubleshooting the
network.  To summarise where I am up to - I think that the network card
I had in the system is faulty - it was an EtherLink III (circa 1992).
In any case, I have removed it and installed a new network card.  The
problem however is how to  change the configuration files such that it
automatically loads the module for the new card.  I can load the card
manually using modprobe - with the ne.o module, and specifying an
address of 0x300.  However, I don't know which config file I need to
change to get this to be automatically loaded at runtime (instead of the
system trying to load the old module)

Can someone enlighten me?

thanks heaps

David Buddrige

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