[plug] Quakeathon

Leon Brooks leonb at bounce.networx.net.au
Sun Jan 9 01:08:08 WST 2000

Gavin Tweedie wrote:
>> We're due to start organising a Quakeathon Real Soon Now. Having a firm
>> date and a fallback to approach Spice with would be good. I propose
>> Sunday two weeks from now (ie 23rd Jan) as the primary date and the
>> previous Sunday as a fallback.

>> I propose starting at 13:00, so you have a choice of getting lunch out
>> of the way beforehand or bringing it.

> Sounds good to me, do we have an approximation on max numbers?

Two, so far; three including Spice. (-:

I would guess somewhere between 12 and 25 will trun up.

> Will it be first __ get in, then the doors locked or will it be whoever
> "books" will get to come in?

AFAIK, bzip2 will be applied to all comers at increasing levels of
compression until everyone fits.

> Are we staying "till late" or "all nite"?

To be determined.

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