[plug] Can anyone help ?

Christian christian at global.net.au
Mon Jan 10 14:04:30 WST 2000

"Anthony J. Breeds-Taurima" wrote:
> > it isnt the window manager as i am a Java Developer and am running Java
> > Applications on JDK 1.2.2 on this
> > system, has anyone had the same problem or can anyone offer any advice,
> I hate to say this but I had exactly the same problem on all the machines that
> had both netscape and JDK on it.  The only way I solved the problme was to
> seperate the to applications .... since then netscape only crashes on about 1
> in 20 java active websites.

Which two applications?  I was under the impression that Netscape uses
it's own JVM -- it certainly doesn't require any other Java packages to
be installed for Netscape to run with Java.  Also, from what I gather
from the previous email also was that the person was saying that he knew
it wasn't the window manager at fault since other Java apps ran ok when
run from Sun/Blackdown's JVM but applet's crashed under Netscape.

Java under Netscape in Linux has never been particularly stable.  I once
had a magical combination of libraries running with Netscape 4.5 a
couple of years ago which NEVER crashed but since then, every version of
Netscape I've tried has crashed (hung, not died) about half the time
when running Java applets.  My solution was to turn off Java but
obviously that isn't going to work for you. :-)  Perhaps other Java
developers can provide suggestions as to what they do (Oliver -- you



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