[plug] Can anyone help ?

Christian christian at global.net.au
Mon Jan 10 15:38:39 WST 2000

"Anthony J. Breeds-Taurima" wrote:
> JDK and Netscape.  Thought that was obvious.

It was but perhaps my point was too subtle.

> > it's own JVM -- it certainly doesn't require any other Java packages to
> > be installed for Netscape to run with Java.  Also, from what I gather
> > from the previous email also was that the person was saying that he knew
> > it wasn't the window manager at fault since other Java apps ran ok when
> > run from Sun/Blackdown's JVM but applet's crashed under Netscape.
> I never blaimed it on the window manager.  Let me try to clarify my Post.

I never said you did.

> On each of these machines If I had both JDK and Netscape installed Netscape
> would balk just about every java applet I came across. eventually I turned
> java off altogether, things were much more stable.  I played arround with
> a couple of configs and the ONLY way I made netscape "stable" was to remove
> JDK from the machine I used netscape from.

My point was that Netscape normally doesn't use Sun's JDK JVM, it
normally uses the one that comes with it.  Since you say that you've
found Netscape more unstable when the JDK is installed then perhaps the
installation sets the CLASSPATH (or similar) variable and Netscape heeds
this with the resulting increase in problems.  Therefore the solution
would be to find out whether Netscape is using this JDK and prevent it
from doing so (ie, a wrapper script unset'ing the env var or whatever
the case may be) rather than uninstalling the JDK which apparently the
original poster, as a Java developer, needs.



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