[plug] Flash ROMS for Abit Mainbords (BH6)

Michael Hunt Michael.J.Hunt at usa.net
Mon Jan 10 16:58:39 WST 2000

> Michael Hunt wrote:
> > Basically this is what I am thinking of doing, though I am hopping I can
> > source a working ROM here in Perth. How are roms set up in the first
> > place ? Are ther rom flash units you can buy that attach to a serial
> > port or something ??? This for me would be the better option. At the
> > moment I am thinking that if I can't source a rom, I may just go and
> > upgrade my mainboard to a BE6-II (with  the ATA66 on board). Latter when
> > I have more time I will hot swap the rom, flash with correct BIOS and
> > use some extra memory to build a second machine up. Will keep your
> > advice in mind for when I do this. Would very much like to have a spare
> > ROM around just in case though.
> Just read this thread, if you still have not fixed it, grab a copy of
> the
> correct bios file, and bring me the file and the chip and I'll pop it in
> my eprom programmer and re-burn it for you, if you like..

Tried everyone's suggestions, but had no luck if I can organize a time for
you to flash it on your eprom programmer that would be great.

Michael Hunt

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