[plug] Quakeathon III - The Final Details!

Leon Brooks leonb at bounce.networx.net.au
Wed Jan 12 09:23:03 WST 2000

Hokay, flocks, here's the details:

We have five (5) definite bookings at this point, plus at least three of
the staff of Indigo, our gracious corporate hosts.

Assemble autside QV.1 starting at 12:30 on Sunday 23rd January (that's
ten days from now). You will be escorted into the building by Spice AKA
Garry Allpike, thence to the 15th floor with its spectacular view of
more kinds of airconditioner than you thought existed. Plan to be there
by 13:00 at the latest, since the last escorted tour into the building
will take place at 13:15 sharp. The session will run to 19:00, but with
appropriate grovelling, I'm sure Garry will arrange a couple of earlier
exit times for those in need.

If anyone asks, you are attending a Product Demonstration at Indigo, the
products in question being networking and Quake III, but the correct
answer if pressed is "some graphics software." The reason for this is
that the QV.1 building management appear to be mildly insane. Garry will
pontificate at length on this subject if prompted, but the bottom line
is that the only way we can get furniture up there to put computers on
is if it is for a customer demonstration.

Don't worry about bringing tables, since I am able to borrow some wooden

~~~ To participate, you need to ~~~

0.  Book ahead. We have 5 bookings so far (in one day). Send
    email to quakeathon at brooks.smileys.net to book.

1.  Bring a working computer system and network card.

1A. There are a _very_ limited number of (2) Windows machines
    already present in the office which can have games
    installed on them, if you do not book one, you cannot use
    one. First in best dressed.

1B. Be aware that while Windows users are welcome, some rude
    participants may laugh at them. Lych, at least, has a
    dual boot system and can pretend not to have Windows.

    It may please you to note that Garry, along with our
    Illustrious President, busy Secretary and loquacious ex
    President of Vice, does not have Windows on either his
    work or personal machine.

2.  Bring a $5 head tax. Drinks and nibblies will be provided.

2A. Non-members are also welcome, please bring $10.

2B. Any $ left after costs will go to PLUG's general fund.

2C. I am considering being a male chauvinist pig and letting
    females of the species in for free, since they're so rare
    in technical circles, and would appreciate lively comment
    on this issue. Spouses (spice?) who don't like Quake can
    play networked card games with each other.

~~~ It would also be nice if you ~~~

3.  Bring a light plastic chair or two if you have any.

4.  Bring a furniture trolley, if you have one. I will bring
    one only.

5.  Bring a length of UTP cable, or two, if you have any. The
    office is wired with 10/100 UTP.

6.  Bring a power board or two if you have one.

7.  Bring a small UTP hub if you have one. A 100Mb hub or
    switch will entitle you to a $2 entry discount.

8.  Bring your monitor in its original packaging since it will
    stack better on moving trolleys.

~~~ Behaviour ~~~

Rowdy is OK once you are IN THE OFFICE. Rowdy outside QV.1 or in the
lifts and corridors is naughty.

Locking up people's TCP stacks, running FORMAT through their IIS 4.0 or
otherwise trashing machines is naughty unless the owner of the machine
has given explicit permission in advance for the action.

Religious distribution wars are fine, as long as you side with the
management (ie support Debian).

Naughty participants will be given a pair of occy straps and a sponge,
then "asked" to go out and clean the windows, since QV.1 hasn't done it
in years.

~~~ What to expect in the venue ~~~

Splendid views across scenic Perth and Northbridge. Roofologists will be
ecstatic. See fine examples of crop circles, albeit without the actual
crop. Figure out how to get into the asbestos-roofed building between
Hay and Murray Streets. Figure out where to site the projector for our
next night Quakeathon.

Airconditioned, tile-carpeted, glass-walled offices and a feature
apricot lounge suite (point of contention with aformentioned building
management). There are at least four relatively clear spaces in which
groups may assemble for room-against-room competitions.

Double mains power point and two or four UTP sockets in every room.

19-inch rack space is available in case your equipment happens to be
rack mount.

Toilet and very basic kitchen facilities.

Drinks and nibblies. Some of the normal stuff and some a cut above.

No outside network access except possibly DNS and IRC, unless you make
specific arrangements beforehand (mention your request in your booking

QV.1 is acquainted with Windows users, so there is no easy way to throw
yourself off the building.

~~~ See you there! ~~~

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Confidence is the feeling you have before you understand the situation.
If at first you don't succeed, try a shorter bungee. When in trouble,
when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout. The two great secrets
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