[plug] Starting up a server

Steve Grasso steveg at calm.wa.gov.au
Wed Jan 12 11:03:48 WST 2000

>Well, it's actually a FreeBSD server (had no choice) but it's basically the
>same right? So the same information should basically give me a hand on doing

Similar, not the same, but yes, documentation for one app under Linux will 
help you for the same app under FreeBSD. Read the documentation for the 
software, check FreeBSD documentation/tutorials/FAQ at 
http://www.freebsd.org, and check the Linux HOWTO's for transferrable tips.

For additional software, grab the appropriate packages from the FreeBSD 
ports collection -- http://www.freebsd.org/ports/ and use pkg_add(1)

Some post-install system config can be done from /stand/sysinstall

A good overview for securing FreeBSD may be found at:

Hope this helps a little.


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