[plug] How to get connected using Linux?

Mike Holland myk at golden.wattle.id.au
Sat Jan 15 17:20:17 WST 2000

On Sat, 15 Jan 2000, Neil Gerace wrote:

> I have the ppp-* scripts to get the machine (RH6.0) to dial up my Wantree

Good, thats usually the hard bit.

> account and hang up, but I don't know how to get Netscape 4.5 for Linux
> working to access everything. I had it working once, then had to reinstall
> Linux and lost the settings.

You should have done a backup. most settings are in
~/.netscape/preferences.js  If you can find an old copy, compare it to
  Otherwise, just Edit->Preferences and fill the gaps.
> Another question is, what's a good newsreader for Linux? Netscape sucked

Consider this question:  "What is a good car? I had a Ford but it sucked."

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