[plug] ideas and hints wanted

Leon Brooks leonb at bounce.networx.net.au
Sat Jan 15 22:04:37 WST 2000

Bill Kenworthy wrote:
> Is linux usable in 8meg? The interface will have to be gui due to the
> experiance level and gui wordprocessing is much more intuitive for
> newcomers (I presume the kids use word/works at school) - is there a
> lightweight window manager system that would do.

Yes. There are heaps of lightweight GUIs, including one by that name


BlackBox is another good candidate. Try typing "window manager" into the
search box at http://freshmeat.net/ or it's likely that
http://linux.com/ has a list somewhere.

I haven't used a low-RAM machine under X for a while, but assume that
LyX wouldn't be too RAM-hungry. Is the 8MB in these machines 8x1MB
30-pin SIMMs or 2x4MB (or 1x8MB) 72-pin SIMMs? If the latter, 4MB 72-pin
SIMMs aren't too hard to get and would bump the RAM to 12 or 16MB, a
worthwhile objective.

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