[plug] Linux Traing Courses

ROBERT JOYNER gibson at dns.au.com
Sun Jan 16 10:40:53 WST 2000

alex polglaze wrote:

> The will be a series of 3 Linux training courses commencing on Sunday
> 20th February with course 1. Course 2 will be on Sunday 27th February
> and Course 3 will be Sunday 12th March. All courses will start at 0900
> and conclude around 1500.
> Leon Brooks is providing the technical expertise.
> Lunch and morning tea is included as well as a copy of RH6.1. You will
> need to supply your own computer, monitor and keyboard and any power
> adapters. We will provide one power outlet to each person. You must
> ensure that your computer works.
> Course 1 : Linux Setup
> It is designed for beginners and covers who have a working machine and
> want to load Linux and for those who can't get Linux loaded
> successfully.
> Peripherals dealt with will include NICs, printers and modems sound
> cards and other esoterica (IR interfaces etc) will depend upon how we go
> for time. Two classes of machine will be dealt with: completely blank
> and with-precious-Windows-or-other-partition (but back it up: if you
> mistype or don't listen and destroy that partition, it's your fault and
> you fix
> it).
> Cost will be $150 per person.
> Course 2 : Package Management.
> How to install and remove RPMs and modules from similar managed
> packaging systems, including conflict and dependency resolution; how to
> download, unpack, compile and install unmanaged packages such as the
> traditional compressed tarball. Techniques to use if documentation is
> lacking.
> Course pre-requistes; Must have attended course 1 or have a Linux system
> that has been running successfully for some time.
> Cost will be $195 per person.
> Course 3 :  Servers and Services.
> Roundup of fundamental networking principles; how to set up and maintain
> common services: masquerading/firewalling, name service, web, proxies,
> FTP, lpd, Windows File/Print services (SaMBa). Staying on top of updates
> and security issues.
> Course pre-requistes; Must have attended course 2 or have sufficient
> experience in Linux to set up and install packages successfully.
> Cost will be $195 per person.
> If there are insufficient starters for any course, it will be cancelled.
> If you are interested in attending any or all of these courses please
> contact me directly off list.
> Alex Polglaze

Will the cousres be sheaper if I have a conssesion card?

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