[plug] Bloody Netscape & Debian!

Brad Campbell brad at seme.com.au
Tue Jan 18 15:37:12 WST 2000

> in a heap with a Bus Error.
>   - Core Dump. Nuff Said.
>   - Lots of error dialog boxes (playing with the Dynamic Motif versions?)
>   - Freezing.
>   - Dying, leaving a zombie Netscape that needs to be hunted down & killed
>   - Constant Bus Errors, preventing use of Roaming User
> This last is the most frustrating! Ideally, I want Netscape 4.7 working under
> Debian/Potato. I've installed the official tarball (the .deb's of Netscape seem
> to be a MESS!), and all works fine-ish, until I enable my Roaming User prefs,
> and then whammo! It can't get past the initial Roaming User dialog box! (Where
> it prompts for password.) Even if I press cancel to skip Roaming Synchro, it
> dies with a Bus Error.
I'm using netscape 4.7 with a bog standard potato install..
I'm NOT using roaming users however..

The only fault I have seen is the random bombing when you close a dialog
box, and
I was warned of this before I upgraded to potato..
I used to get bus faults frequently, and only in netscape, and it turned
out to be
one of those k6-2 300's that was limited to 66mhz and I was running it
at 100..
Since I fixed my hardware problem, all my netscape faults disappeard
until I
upgraded to potato..
It was wierd, but netscape was the only app that crashed under that
faulty system.

Probably not what you want to hear..

I now install netscape libc5 version and the debian compatibility
That gets me a stable netscape..
Should probably take a leaf out of my own book and do that on my desktop
system :p)

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