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navarre at omen.net.au navarre at omen.net.au
Fri Jan 21 10:26:41 WST 2000

I am seeking assistance and comment on:

1) Text based email client. I have tried Mutt and currently using Elm
   and find these lacking in many of the features in use in DOS and
   Windows email readers. Most imporant are mail lists and the ability
   to save you owb outgoing mail.

2) Samba CLient. I am operarting a Sparc IPC debianised in a NT environment
   and I would like to be able to access the shared drives and perhaps the
   printer. I scanned the samba doco looking for a quick setup of just the
   client. Most of the doco seems focused on the NT boxes connecting to 
   the Linux box, I do not want it to work this way.

3) I have fetchmail working fine as a daemon but its startup is manual, 
   where in the startup is the recommended place to invoke fetchmail.

4) Are there any members using emacs that know how to configure it and
   can answer some configuration questions of list? I have several 
   machines and I would like to make them behave much the same including X.

In all cases I am happy to read the required text, I am seeking pointers to
which text and other users comments. I have successfully reloaded the OS
on this IPC from its original to Debian Slink and have learned a great deal 
about the package manager, packages and there dependancies. I have even got
sendmail working in this NT environment.

Regards Glen
navarre at omen.net.au

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