[plug] How to get connected using Linux?

Neil Gerace geracen at wantree.com.au
Sat Jan 22 08:55:05 WST 2000

> Hi Neil:     Most of the problems with Dial up connections seem to minor
> hitches in configuring
> the ppp thing.  I had this problem (like most beginners) and got a red-hot
> tip from a kind soul
> who suggested using a small program called "Eznet"  You can get from any
> Linuxberg site, and
> it only needs some simple configuration and compilation (full instructions
> are included) to get
> it installed.  It then requires an absolute minimum of configuration using
> its own loader to get
> to work in a Terminal Window.   It does need to run in SU at this point,
> this is in the Terminal
> and has no effect on the Browser.  Apparently ALL Dial-up utilities have
> limitation, mention
> is made of SUID but how to get RedHat to work this way is not known to me.
> Debian/Corel seems
> to have this facility, but what the hell,  Eznet does the job very well.

Hi Len,

Eznet installed correctly, but then, as root, I ran 'eznet up' to start and
it said
PPP not configured or package not installed or some such thing. Wouldn't
dial up. When I installed Linux I selected all packages, so ppp must have
installed. ?

Neil Gerace

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