AOL 5 (Ain't On Linux)

Leon Brooks leon at
Tue Jan 25 18:03:32 WST 2000

Bret Busby wrote:
> I thought people may be interested in the following.

> I don't know how reliable the first is, being from a Windows
> publication, and therefore possibly with an IE bias, but the
> AOL/Netscape browser is fairly popular, so, if people are
> thinking about upgrading, it could be a matter for concern.

> America Online's latest browser software, Version 5.0, is the
> "upgrade of death" according to Windows Magazine, because it can
> cripple existing Internet accounts with rival companies and prevent
> AOL users from signing up with competitors.

AOL's browser software is unique, and the problem is nothing to do with
the browser proper, but the layers of *crap* underneath it. Since there
is no Linux version of it, I don't care, anyway! (-:

As an aside, I thought that the browser integrated with the AOL *crap*
is IE anyway, the fact that AOL has bought NS notwithstanding.

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