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Brad Campbell brad at seme.com.au
Fri Jan 28 15:17:59 WST 2000

> I don't think sendmail is as bad as people claim, and I don't believe many
> on this list will gain anything at all by replacing it; the act of
> evaluating alternatives itself is a pretty hefty investment (especially if
> it's not being undertaken by a hobbyist for personal use); recovering that
> investment would take quite some time. otoh I I don't believe it's perfect
> either, or necessarily better in any particular respect than those
> alternatives.

I'll just enter into this in a small way.
A couple of months ago, I had to rebuilda box doing intra-office mail.
I had previously set it up using sendmail, and got pretty familiar with
it over the two years I had it in service..
It was a pretty simple system pulling mail from a multi-drop pop box
with fetchmail and spreading it around.. but it was a bugger to maintain
and there were problems.. most likley my fault.. with the way it worked.
The fact that the problems were most likley my fault was in no small way
related to the fact sendmail is a right pain to configure..

Anyway to cut a long story, in the new box I used Exim, being the
mta that debian supplies with slink..
In less than 4 hrs it was configured and working, faster and better than
the old sendmail, and with none of the other config problems I had..

Not sugesting you replace sendmail, but if your building a box from the
ground up, you would probably do well to look at something else..

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