[plug] UPS's

Christopher Darby chris at semtempowest.com
Mon Nov 6 09:05:28 WST 2000

we ran an APC UPS with Red Hat 6.2 and we had no problems, it worked very

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> List,
> Can anybody recommend a UPS system that's been reliable and useable with
> linux? I've had a look at the APC ones and they come with an opensource
> program that knows when the power is on/off and when battery is low - the
> basics. This is adequate, but can anybody please comment from experience?
> The UPS will run on an Intel Red Hat Linux 6.0 server with one dodgy
> serial port (doesnt like characters above ASCII 94, ie 95 and up...
> bizarre) but that will most likely be replaced soon.
> Thanks,
> Bernard.
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>  Bernard Blackham
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