[plug] SSH access

Garry bigbadbill at dingoblue.net.au
Tue Nov 14 07:44:06 WST 2000

To save bandwidth, is the ssh configured properly?

In the ssh manual (man ssh), there is a speil on having authentication set up 
with v1 and v2 of ssh, wrt allowable hosts. What I'm getting at is there is 
shosts.equiv etc files that need to be considered, and whether or not RSA 
crypto is to be used.

Hope this helps..


On Tuesday 14 November 2000 07:14, Jon  Miller wrote:
> I have a client that has SSH installed and now it cannot be accessed both
> internally or externally via a SSH client.   Do I just run /usr/sbin/sshd
> restart or should I stop then restart?
> Thanks
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