[plug] distribs

The Thought Assassin assassin at live.wasp.net.au
Tue Nov 14 12:06:29 WST 2000

On Tue, 14 Nov 2000 wvovil at fundi.com.au wrote:
> I am going to ask a few dreaded questions - no arguments required, just personal
> opinions - what is the difference between the different distributions? Which do
> you prefer? Why?
I'd recommend you search the archives over at:
rather than incite yet-another-distro-war. (though we tend to have fairly 
civilized wars on this list, thankfully) Of course if you find anything in
those archives criticizing Debian it's obviously a lie perpetrated by the
great unseen anti-Debian conspiracy. (an evil cabal of inferior distros)

-Greg Mildenhall

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