[plug] Graphical Mail

Michael Hunt michael.j.hunt at usa.net
Tue Nov 14 16:58:45 WST 2000


> Ah, so that was what the HTML stuff was all about.
> Try Leon Brooks - he was involved in the creation of TWIG (am I correct,
> Leon?), which is used at http://member.buttnaked.com.au/ Visit the web
> page, view the source code of that page.
> From what I understand, it is written in PHP, and, whilst not
> Debian-specific, is Linux-based, or, will run on Linux, and, Debian has
> a version of Linux (or so I believe. Inferior distro! cf the Thought
> Assassin's conspiracy theory...)

I think you would find that Leon has his name posted in a TWIG config file
for a suggestion made by him to make a nicer URL for TWIG than the default.
This comment has been in since I first used TWIG and has probably been in
there for nearly the whole life of the software. This gives Leon an almost
Godlike status in relation to TWIG and is almost akin (at least in PLUG
circles) to getting a firstpost on slashdot or your name in the pages of LWN
(Linux Weekly News). Since Leon has also achieved the latter as well (but I
am not sure of the former) and has been actively involved in PLUG since its
beggining he is unofficially PLUG Demi God. All taht is needed is someone to
pass a resolution and a vote to be cast at a metting.

However since West Africa is a bit far away I will have to resolve to raise
the issue when I get home next year if it has not already been done by then

Michael Hunt
West Africa

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