[plug] mandrake 7.2 problems

Mark mark at omninet.net.au
Mon Nov 20 20:03:39 WST 2000

Alan Howard wrote:

> > You need to go to the command line and as root type  cupsd  this will
> > start the "cups"
> > with C print server daemon.
> >
> > Try that and let me know how you go.
> >
> > Mark
> thanks for your help. i'm a bit computer illeterate , so i sort of need
> simple explanations.
> tried that. still no joy. i also have cups selected in the startup services.
> there wasnt any error messages though. is that a good sign?

Just check to see that the cupsd process is running as root
run ps -aux you should be able to see the cupsd process listed.

If you can't try checking cups is even installed

as root rpm -q cups   you should see somthing like



> regards
> alan howard

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