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Shane Spina shane at digiturbo.com.au
Wed Nov 29 13:29:48 WST 2000

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> Shane Spina wrote:
> [..]
> > > Firstly, why not just use netcfg ?
> >
> > not familiar with this..
> Hmmmm, ok. I prefer netcfg, I find it easier to use...but whatever works
> for you :-)
> > > You can dial in but not see the outside world.....are your DNS
> > > on the Linux client correct?
> >
> > i set them to the machine which is running bind.. a seperate machine
> OK, can the machine running BIND see the outside world? I woulda thought
> it'd be better to set your DNS as your ISP's DNS numbers...?

yes no probs there it is connect via ethewrnet to the box i am dialling into
the ISP

> > > Is IP-Masq (I assum that's what you're using?) set to Masq for the
> > > IP's?
> > if it works for windows can i assume that I have set it up right? a
> > box can dial in to the machine and surf the net happily
> Don't quote me, but I think Windows may have a variation in the way it
> uses PPP ?
> Are the settings: DNS, gateway etc on the Linux client the same as
> what's on the windows machine?
> You say you can't ping anything at all.....
> Can you give us all the settings you're using for the Windows, Linux
> Client and Server machines? and how they're connected?

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