[plug] Cookies

Steve Grasso steveg at calm.wa.gov.au
Wed Nov 29 14:44:11 WST 2000

On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, Bret Busby wrote:
> > AFAIK, no. If you want to allow only selected current-session cookies, but no
> > persistent cookies ever, you could create a cookies file under ~/.netscape (eg
> > touch ~/.netscape/cookies) then set ultra-restrictive file permissions (eg
> > chmod 000 ~/.netscape/cookies). That way you have the option of selectively
> > allowing cookies which will not persist beyond the current browsing session.
> > 
> > Steve
> Wouldn't permissions of 000, make it unusable?

No. It means it's there, but unwritable. Netscape therefore doesn't spak when
can't find the cookie file, and the cookie is not stored in the file at all.
The file is still readable and writable by root, but since there's nothing in
it, who cares?


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