Len Bird lenbird at iinet.net.au
Sun Oct 1 10:00:57 WST 2000

Scott Campbell wrote:

> G'Day,
> firstly i want to say what a huge success the inatallfest was!!! I went
> there with no clue about linux, and left with half a clue :)
> but, one thing i did not quite understand, on alot of documentation and
> sorts, its said edit this file and enter this into it, and delete that line
> and so on ....
> but how do you actually edit the file, what is the name of a text editior?
> and some basic commands?
> I have tried a bit, but all i have learnt is that pico is not installed :((
> I am running debian ...
> Thanks ...
> Scott C

One weekness with Debian "out of the box" is that vi is more or less the
default editor, HOWEVER
if you type 'atp-get install joe'  it will tell you which CD to load, and
moreover will load joe which is
a very user friendly editor complete with on screen basic help.

Hope you find it as usefull as I do,

Cheers,  Len Bird

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