[plug] Editor choices

Leon Brooks leon at brooks.smileys.net
Sun Oct 1 11:19:15 WST 2000

Beau Kuiper wrote:
> I side with Leon and use joe
> for all my editing. While not as powerful as vi or emacs, it does everything I
> realisticly need, and don't get in the way of what I really use a text editor
> for, which is writing text.

My gripes with joe (there's just no satisfying some people) are that its
terminal management isn't as good as any vi I've seen, and that it's much less
likely to be installed on a system than either vi or EMACS are.

I prefer joe, but can use vi or EMACS without much difficulty. EMACS is to
editors as PERL is to shells: very powerful but very complex and impossible to
fit on a floppy.

Linux: The choice of a GNU generation

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