[plug] wine, netscape

alan howard alanh at wn.com.au
Tue Oct 3 18:22:08 WST 2000

sorry for not replying to this earlier( went to geraldton for the long weakend)
and i'm a bit mistified how theese questions about netscape and wine ended up
being related to bickering about the way people conduct themselves on this list.

On Thu, 28 Sep 2000, Matt Kemner wrote:
> Have you removed the lockfile?

yes., i have deleted it on many occasions

> (yourhomedir/.netscape/lock)
i asume here you mean in the etc/wine.conf , yes
> Have you added a Drive statement for the directory where the executable
> resides?
> eg:
> [Drive C]
> Path=/win98
> Type=hd
> Label=MS-DOS
> Filesystem=win95
> if you're trying to run stuff from /win98/
> I had a similar error come up when I tried to run things from my home
> directory, which wasn't listed in any of the Drive stanzas.
 i even tried it as "root" 
>  - Matt

alan howard

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