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The Thought Assassin assassin at live.wasp.net.au
Wed Oct 4 11:58:08 WST 2000

On Wed, 4 Oct 2000, tlee wrote:
> Thanks for explaining Colin - do you think most people are using C with
> the gc compiler and using emacs or vi to as the interface,
Yes, but not by a huge majority, there are a lot of other people using a
lot of other programs and procedures.

> unlike dos where one buys Turbo C all in one editor compiler?
All-in-one is generally a mistake. sufficiently modular integration can be
good, though, and a number of IDEs have been written for Linux along the
lines of Turbo C and friends.

> Are procedural programs still being writen or is everybody
> using C++ OOP these days on linux.?
The language does not the paradigm make. :)

A lot of people are writing procedural code in C++, most amateur C++
programmers do this. Qt developers are often a good example, since many of
them use the C++ standard binding without knowing how to use C++ OOPly.

The Linux kernel is an example of OO code written in C.

People are writing code of every style in every language under Linux.
There is probably as diverse an array of development going on in the Linux
world as there is in the rest of thwe world's platforms put together.


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