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Oliver White ojw at iinet.net.au
Wed Oct 4 12:47:27 WST 2000

Ok, a little less cryptically...

I find this comment a little strange, since OO's most popular application is
arguably event driven programming. Smalltalk is a good example. Popular OO
languages mix object orientation with other paradigms, certainly. The other
paradigm may be functional, logical or procedural. It really depends on the
application as to what is most appropriate. Point and click programming has
characterised the OO paradigm for a while now, and as such involves a lot of
events and responses to events. A response need not be procedural.

Or have I missed something?

Oliver White wrote:

> The Thought Assassin wrote:
> > > Very little non-trivial programming isnt.
> > I would dispute that, but I feel I am probably just disputing your meaning
> > of "non-trivial". Any program which must do extensive interactive
> > (interacting with it's environment, not necessarily a person) IO must be
> > procedural to a certain extent, since it must respond to temporal events.
> import java.io.Event;
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> Oliver WHite

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