[plug] InstallFest 2000, where to now?

Gavin Sherry subs at linuxworld.com.au
Wed Oct 4 18:33:36 WST 2000

Hi All,

Well, InstallFest 2000 did very well by my reckoning. LinuxWorld.com.au
would like to applaud the efforts of all involved. LinuxWorld is hoping
that next year's efforts will be even more successful.

Rodney has written an article summarising InstallFest 2000 with some
'vital statistics' and happy snaps from each event. For those who have not
kept up with what is in-store for next year, there is coverage of that

We are hoping this kind of coverage will be amongst the first steps of
getting stronger mainstream involvement and further mainstream press,
which should encourage more people to attend next year.

You can see the article at:



Gavin Sherry
LinuxWorld.com.au Editor

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