[plug] Job opportunities? (OT)

Trevor Phillips phillips at central.murdoch.edu.au
Thu Oct 5 10:17:58 WST 2000

Jason Nicholls wrote:
> Perl can be used to do almost anything (it's amazing). It can talk to many
> different databases such as Oracle, mysql, postgreSQL, etc...

And I'll second that vote. ^_^
Since learning Perl, I've, well, pretty much used it for everything. Being in
the webmeister business myself, we use it extensively for dynamic web-content,
including interfacing to Databases (mostly Oracle & MySQL), but it can be used
for many things. For example, using the Perl GTK libraries, I whipped up an
image viewer with quite complex copy/move/batch processing - a GUI app, written
in Perl.

Some people shrug Perl off as a "shell script language", but it is so much
more. It doesn't run much slower than native C code (heck; most grunt work is
done by C libraries, glued together with Perl), and application development
time is considerably less too.

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