[plug] XFree86 4.0.1 questions

Trevor Phillips phillips at central.murdoch.edu.au
Thu Oct 5 10:57:34 WST 2000

I've started dabbling with XFree86 4.0.1 (under Debian Potato (with bits of
woody)), and have a few "problems" I need help with:

I've got my Intellimouse Explorer working fine, and the side buttons are
generating X events (as buttons "6" and "7"). How do I bind these to be
equivalent to certain keypresses? (Hmmm, with IMWheel running, they turn into
keypresses - maybe I can use that somehow? But I don't want to depend on
IMWheel... ^_^)
 * How can I bind a button-press to one or more keyscans to emulate keypresses,
without IMWheel?
 * How can I configure IMWheel to map those buttons to keypresses I want?
(Admittedly, this was an afterthought - I may be able to nut this out myself if
I revisit the imwheel config)
I've got Dual Head working with my Matrox G400 thanks to beta3 of the Matrox
driver. However, when started by "kdm", it treats the second screen as a second
display (:0.1). It's quite useable, but I really want to be able to drag
windows from one screen to the other.
 * Are there any tools to make this environment (two separate "displays") nicer
to work in? Mainly dragging from one screen to another I'm after.
 * Are there any sources of info to get KDE2 to work nicely with two displays?
At the moment I'm running a second kwin/window manager on the other display -
KDE2 ignores the other screen for everything (screensaver, panel, etc) - Can
KDE2 be made multi-display aware?

Another solution is to run both screens as one big desktop. It seems the way to
do that is using "xinerama" which I've found very little docs on other than
"add +xinerama to your startx line to do it".
 * Are there any useful xinerama docs (or docs on the sort of multi-display
issues I'm having)?
 * How the heck to I get kdm (the KDE2 version) to run with the added +xinerama
parameter? (I can't find where kdm actually starts X to insert such a
parameter) Can this be done via a KDM config file?

And now I need a bigger desk - or two LCD monitors. -_^

Thanks in advance...

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